Dealers and Manufacturers (Alphabetic Order)

Aeroteam Composite Aviation Products Schwing88, Dr. Jamaes Hammond's site.
AERODESIGN, s.r.o., Slovak ARIS, the best F3B/F3F
AERO-O-TEC, Germany Famous F3B ship Crossfire. Orca F3J,  Satori are also provided.
Baudis Model , Czech Beautiful Scale models such as ASW28, Salto and Sports models such as Trinity, Ceres
Breta Model , Czech NYX Series F3B/F3F/F3B are excellent. PRECIOUS, NYX-FURIO, NYX/F3F, Mini-NYX.
CHK Modelle CHK Modelle, Germany Hans Kraus in Regensburg, Germany, is the supplier for Sharon2 and other highquality models

The web site of Jaroslav Cermák, who is famous , since he made Gladiator II.
His product is a little expensive, but beuatiful and well-manufactured.

Competition RC The first Chinese Open class gilder maker. the former name is Jinan Zoom Model Manufacture Co., Ltd. The ZOOM and FALCOM, flagship models have very high quality.
Dynalife Dynalife, USA Bird of Time (Open Class Rib model)
ET-AIR Web site dedicated to Race M. Espen Torp has leadership of its development. Race M is a model made in Slovakia
Euromodel Euromodell,Germany
The most famous supplier in Germany, who provides Espada, Elita, Ellipse, made by Jaro Muller
FLORIAN SCHAMBECK LUFTSPORTTECHNIK The unique supplier in Germany, who provides Self-Launch-System such as SLA, EMA Power Pod, EMA Scale.
Fischer, Germany

Diavolo, Estrella, V-Ultra Plus. A unique technology is used for the construction of the wing of Estrella.

FluhsWinden, Germany World famous winch maker
F3X.COM, USA NYX, Accacia, Hades2, Tragi, etc. Excellent flier oriented practical technical information for assembling and repairing., Czech It was VV model. Mr. Vaclav Vojtisek gave the mold of Bigsting, Viking to Mr..Sodomka, who provide with them currently. Quality became better., Czech The site of Mr. Vojtisek Vaklav (formaer VV model). Now produce ASCOT.
Futaba,U.S. Futaba,Japan Futaba, USA
FVK in English FVK Modell, Germany Graphite, Organic: Hi-tech Carbon Rib F3J
Graupner, Germany Graupner. R/C units, Receivers, Servos, etc.
Hitec Multiplex HiTech, Multiplex
hkm modellbau hkm modellbau ,Germany
Sharon, Space, Scales such as Salto 4m, ASW22, and others
ICARE, Canada Canadian famous dealer
JITOM, Czech Jiri Tuma and Thomas Jiri are father and son, they provide Evolution, Eagle designed by Aichholzer Günther , a famous F3B pilot in Austria.
JR. Japan Japan Remote Control Co., Ltd
Kennedy Composites Kneddy Composites, USA The sole United States dealer of Vladimir's Model who makes AVA, Blaster and Supra.
Lubos Pazderka, Czech Radina DLG, Sophia DLG, Radina 2M, Shadow and others. Nikolay Nikolov is a kind of genius. All of his models are very practical for enjoying flights.
Nan Ltd. Bulgaria Starlight2000,Xantipa,Eraser,Emanuel,Emerald
Oberflugmodelbau, Germany Famous F3B Winch and accessories.
Paritech GmbH, Germany

Mr. Uwe Rihm, the son of Bruno Rihm, a famous scale glider manufacturer, and Urs Affolter, the owener of EMS GmbH, and Mathew Paul founded Paritech GmbH in 2008 by M&A. The all product line of EMS are inherent by Paritech.

David Leigh
in Australia in Australia, Mr. Daviad Leigh
We have a partnership with him as friends who have the same intention that we should enjoy our life by the excellent sailplenes at reasonable price.
Vojotech Roman Vojtech, Czech
Experieced specialist of airplane models, F3B/F3F, LOLO5 etc. Many of excellent photos are available.
ShredAir Shredair, USA Sharon, others
Skip Miller Models. USA The of Mr. Skip Miller, a famous competion flier with more than 30 years experience.
Soaring USA Many models are comprehensively introduced. One major sites of Sailplanes in USA.
Its Forum is the best to know the latest information on the Sailplanes. The discussions are very high grade.
A dealer of Slovenia. Top-modeltehnik purchased HF model and make a new glider department of Top-modeltehnik. Mr. Radmir Faltus has gone to Heaven, and Patrick Faltus, his son, continue to make the model.
TUD, Germany Freeestyler3 for F3B/F3F.
TUN Modellbau, Switzerland Trudi and Ueli Nyffenegger (TUN) Moellbau provides Scar, Stork, Tragi701/2. Switzerland.
Vladimir's model Vladimir's Model, Ukraine Maker of Blaster, Supra, Graphite, Ava, the beautiful gliders. Their technology is truely unique in the world.