Wing Length 3,260mm
Cord Length 230mm
Wing type SD7037
Wing Area 63.5dm2
Wing Load
Structure Glass-Balsa-Glass /Carbon 3 layers
Portability 3 pieces, 3 points screw
Tail plane
Tail type V-Tail
other 2 points screw
Total Weight 2300g(No Ballast)
Radio gear
6 Servos, 7 Channels
Fuselage length
Xantipa is a high quality sailplane for F3J. Please look at this beautiful feature. Xantipa won two European League in 1998. Xantipa was used by Belgian and French team at the World Championship in UK in 1999. One of outstanding feature of Xantipa is her strong dihedral . Xantipa can be flown just like Handlaunch Glider, and can be on the upstream.
The manufacturer of Xantipa, Mr. Jiri Tuma is a flyer who won the championship of Euro-League in 1994. It is 9 years since he begun to build molded sailplanes. He makes mainly F3J. The airship which won the champion ships a former one in the picture. This Xantipa is a sophisticated one. Plan
RC-Sailplane.com Price: 500USD (excluding Shipment cost and tax)
Fuselage Tail Plane Radio Gear
Fuselage and Tailplane
Radio Gear
Cable connection
Flap Link
Flap Linkage
Flap servo
Airlon servo
Inside Xantipa1
Inside xantipa
Radio Gear
Xantipa Gallery

Photo sent from Xantipa fliers in Japan and Coloring samples are shown.