Lomcovak's Electronic Altitude Logger (LOLO, Nickname)
Lomcovak's Logger is a device for measuring and recording altitude of model airplanes, rockets throughout one or more flights. The measured data can be downloaded to your PC after the flights and be figured by MS-Excel automatically. It is quite useful and excellent tool for the fliers, because LOLO can not tell a lie at all.

Roman Vojtek was dreaming such device for long time, now is in your hand by his long efforts
as well as his.

LOLO Race, new version, can be started to measure and record the altitude, by the control of your transmitter.LOLO can be used for such various purposes as the followings in order to improve your flying technique and flight performance of your models;

1) The analysis of your winch lauching behavior
2) Improve gliding ratio by finding the best trim.
3) Caliculation of speed of Dynamic Soaring
4) Comparing the altitude measured by your institutions with the one measured by LOLO.

LOLO can be used for other applications such as;
1) bicycle training up to 9 hours for analyzing the altitude deviation of your bicycle road.
2) Climbing the mountains.

LOLO only measures and record altitude at each time according sampling rate. There is no data of distance from specific points. Therefore If you use GPS tool or voice recorder with LOLO, you can derive various information from the LOLO data. It's fun to find out new applications of LOLO.

LOLO is a living device, is under changing by your idea.
raise LOLO!!
Mounted on fuselages Record Downloading LOLO Version: LOLO2/ ALTI2
(May 1,2003)
Price/supplier Roman Vojtek: Standard (0.2/0.5) 89 EUR, Nonstandard: 95EUR (without shipment cost and tax)
PC Interface (RS232C/EIA232C standard) (adapter cable)
Mail to RC-Sailplane.com
Technical Specification of LOLO RACE
Technical Specification
Dimensions 40x22x17mm
Weight 10g
Sampling Rates

LOLO can omplement two sampling rate from: 0.1; 0.2; 0.3; 0.5; 1.0; 2.0; 1.5; 3.0; 5.0; 8.0sec.
Typical combinations of sampling rates are as follows;
(1) 0.2/0.5sec for F3F, F3B, F3J and F3K (HLG)
(2) 0.2/1.0sec for F3F, F3B, F3J and F3K (HLG) and models required for recording for a long time (for example 160min =2.5hours or more at every 1.0 sec)
(3) 0.5/2.0sec for any models required for recording for a long time (for example 320min =5.5hours or more at every 2.0 sec)

Total Memory Capacity 9 hours at every 4 sec,
Maximum number of record points; about 8100points. (8180pts in actual)
Maximum number of sessions (ON/OFF) 10 times
Power supply DC 4.4-9.6volts
Current consumption 15mA
Resolution 1m (3.281ft)
Maximum measurable altitude 2000m (6562ft)
(*) There are two three models of LOLO. a) Products before July, 2002. b) Products July, 2002 and thereinafter. c) LOLO RACE.
The name of LOLO Race is printed on the housing of products of LOLO Race version.

How long does LOLO records?
Memory capacity for recording
in case of single session(ON/OFF)
What is "session"? Device memory area can be separated into 10 individual data recording portions at maximum which are created automatically each time device is switched ON. A new data recording is started each time the altimeter is powered-on. Powering off the LOLO terminates the current data recording Please note that 10 sessions may be stored. Each session represents altitudes recording events between a power-on/power-off. If the LED is OFF it is an indication that the maximum session capacity of 10 stored sessions has been reached or that the total amount of data stored for the number of sessions recorded has reached the maximum memory capacity. You should then use the PC interface to download the data to a PC for processing and analysis. Each session is independent in length, storage period and altitude data. As an example: You can have one session of your trip to the flying field, then several sessions of flights, and another session of your return trip home.
Sampling Rate(sec)
Maximum recordable time

Device in detail
Housing. small enough to load on in the fuselage of models. The size is like a caramel drop. 10g heavy is acceptable by even HLG. The LOLO Race is new version. The name Race is indicated on the housing. Sampling rate is user-selectable via a jumper on the alitimeter module prior to power-ON. No-jumper installed will be the shorter of two sampling rates rate. With the jumper installed the sampling rate will be longer. The sampling rate is initialized only upon power-up therefore you must disconnect power if you wish to change the sampling rate.
ELECOM USB-RS232C Converter
To clear all data from the LOLO memory perform the following steps: 1) Ensure that power is OFF
2) Connect interface cable to altimeter 3) While depressing and holding the RST button on 4) the interface cable switch ON the power for the altimeter 5) Once the LOLO LED begins to blink rapidly, the memory area has been cleared successfully. Switch the power to the OFF and disconnect the cable 5) Altimeter is now ready for operation again when next powered-on
PC Inteface is RS232C standard. If you use USB-Serial Converter, you can use USB interface.
USB Interface: If your PC has only USB interface, RS232C-USB converter can be used. You must pay attention to use correct COM port. After installing driver you must check COM port number using control panel and set this COMport number to LOLO COM port number.See how to use USB-Serial Converter
Some Applications of LOLO
There introduced experience that shows typical usage of LOLO. (Click here)
How to use LOLO

Mr. Kanoh (a Japanese user) made a good visual instruction.
If you want complete knowledge in detail Please download and see the manual of LOLO shown below.

Download Manual of Installer and Operational Manual
  1. Installer of LOLO
  2. LOLO Manual in English Version 1.2 dated on 5 November, 2002(PDF)
  3. LOLO vs. RS-232 port communication. Lolo Data Processing DOC(28k) dated on 1 December,2002
Download LOLO Utility made by users in the world
#1. Norwegian version of LOLO SW  
#2. Ola Fremming's Tool (LOLO Display)  

#3. Data Logger by Rainer Primosch from Austria you can download another Excel-free software package for LOLO. Just maybe to spare you some time there is short legend from Roman. Please, with additional questions contact Rainer, not Roman. He would be just user as you are

1-To start download press green semaphore. Red to stop.
2-Every download starts with this "ramp", it 's not your altitude log, ignore it.
3-Every block (measurement) is marked with red bar.
4-There is nice feature, measuring cursor. Measures X and Y differences.
5-Don't forget to choose Lomcofuck's Logger mode
6-There are nice Zoom and Move features

Sure there are other functions, just check it and enjoy it!

#4. ANALOLO : Another software for LOLO from Austria!
F3K guru Werner Stark developed nice package for all of you running your PC/NB in DOS mode-ANALOLO. I was running it under XP Pro and it works also:) ! Some nice filtering features are included, try it. There is German/English version in one package.