Lomcovak' Logger Version2 (LOLO2) alias is ALTI2


Roman Vojtek presents now New version of LOLO,by name of LOLO2 also known as ALTI2

Yes, I have only time to fly nearly in the night! Why? It's clear, I'm finishing LOLO2 aka ALTI2 (L2/A2). Will be again small (or big?!) revo-evolution in altitude measuring, tunning model performance and just fun from flying. You need LOLO2/ALTI2 to be aware what's going on up there...

LOLO2 (Alias: ALTI2) New Characteristics
(1) Higher resolution - 0.5m 1.0m
(2) Six sampling rates! 0.1, 0.2, 0.5,1.0 sec
4 rates
only 2 sampling rates
(3) Markers (allows you mark any event on time axis)
Using free channel you can mark any events on time axis. Resolution? 0.5meter!
(4) smaller : 35x10x18mm
lighter :8grams

Can LOLO be even smaller and lighter? Yeeeeees! 8grams incl. cable, 35x10x18mm!
(5) ON/OFF Tx function during a session
Sure you can switch ON or OFF your A2/L2 anytime using mentioned free chanel.
ON Tx only
(6) Endless number of switch ON/OFF cycles LOLO had only 10 ON/OFF cycles, than you had to clear memory
(7) Genious SW (Excel Free)simple, fast, powerfull SW made NOT ONLY for F3X people Excel macro and others provided by users
(8) Display Option for field operation
Its small hardaware which alows you to read min and max altitude from each log AFTER landing. I.e. no telemetry
(9) USB solution!
Roman Vojtech (24/4/2003)
Other features?Waaaaaaiiiit! I will continue ...
P.S. Stay Tuned other infos will come soon, when I'll be back from Austrian F3F Braunsbe.
Price/supplier Roman Vojtek:
Standard 115 EUR (without shipment cost and tax)
PC Interface (RS232C/EIA232C standard) (adapter cable)
Mail to RC-Sailplane.com
New software. This took me more than half year to convince programmer to design brand new software for pilots-NOT for Excel gurus! I had thousands requests and comments to make it for us -FLYING PEOPLE!!. Sure If you like you can export data to Excel but I bet you will never do it while everything is there.
Just example: Time to load data from my special LOLO B+F version (Big and FAST, four times more memory) took using Excel macro nearly 120sec on my P4/2.4GHz, size of file 5MB! With new SW it took 50sec and size of file is 23kB!!! Finally I can share flight log files with Daryl and find out why he so gooood and I'm so baaaad;-)

Wanna to zoom any portion of compared logs (just check them on left side)? Click and drag your mouse and zoom in X, Y or both. Only small note, I'm also finally able to launch my Caligulla to nearly 320m look there! :)

Wanna to measure deltas between any points in graph? Click and drag again. You can even transfer deltas or coordinates to Info protocol accompanying every log or to cliboard. Sure you can add annotations.

Hohooo, Markers! Wanna to know even in altitude profile when you turn during speed task or in F3F course? No problem. Want to know when switching different flying phases and result in performance? No problem. Want to know when switching ON/OFF your hidden engine in your F3B ship? No problem:))

Already mentioned Info part of every log download allows you to add important notices and process transfered deltas from Graph part. Will be very appreciated when you come back after few days and remember you all important aspects of event.

Hohoooo, sure software works with ANY version of LOLO or ALTI!

...and price of all that stuff? Pche, just fraction of Dinner in Moulain Rouge :))