Return Pulley for F3B championship
It is this return pulley that is the most popular or fashionable return pulley and is made by Ober Flugmodellbau in Germany. Most of pilots who enter for the F3B European tour. It is design to be compact and low resistance. It is told that its pulley moves up and down in a magnificent way while launching.
The reason why the pulley must move up and down? There is no need for the pulley to move, when only one flier fly his ship. However, when many fliers fly at one time such as championships, the situation is different. After launching, the strings will start to be retrieved at one time, Those strings with parachute run low on the ground transversely. At this time, one string rubs another string if pulley is at 50cm high according with F3B regulation. It results in being cut the high mounted string by running string inevitably. Therefore, your string should be low on the ground as far as possible by moving pulley down, when it is not your turn. This is the reason why return pulley must move up and down. (By Asano, F3B flier at Akagi, Japan)
Return Pulley
Ober Return Pulley
Price is to be determined. If you know the detail, please contact Mr. Asano