Hollenbeck Winch

Hollenbeck Winch is often seen to be used in the F3B Championship recently. A for its performance, it is proved at all by the fact that more than 90% of European fliers use this winch. It is apprehended that such winch as one hand supporting may not have enough strength of mechanism for F3B. But there is no need to have such apprehension. In addition, it works very silent and be quite powerful. Hollenbeck winch is one of highly sophisticated product. There are two types of drums and supporting frames used in this winch respectively.
(1) Drums
a. Removable plastics drum types such that plastic drums of two sizes of diameter can be used according to the desired torque. There are two bolts on the left side of drum. Taking bolts off, plastic pipe can be removed. The picture named as one hand supporting type shows two string outlet holes for the different size drums. (Length of drum: 170mm- 200mm)
b. Removable aluminum drum types such that drum itself can be removable,There is bolt at the end of the drum.(Length of drum 250mm).
(2) Supporting frames
A. Folding frame type (The following pictures except the last one are of this type). It is comapct and convenient to carry them.
B. Box type (The last picture)
The following picture shows that the return pulley is down when it is unused, Only at launching, the pulley is up. The reason is explained at the page for return pulley. As for the vertical movement of the pulley, the return pulley made by Ober Flugmodellbau in Germany seems to be smoother than that of Hollenbeck, it is because Hollenbeck raises very quickly when a glider reaches at some altitude with sound "Casheen". However Ober pulley is raised little by little. The return pulley of Hollenbeck is very firmly made and reliable. If you ask me, the disadvantage of Hollenbeck is heavy. The quick connector attached with Buttery is not within standard delivery.

Mr. Hollenbeck has terminated his production of this excellent winch currently. I hope he will start production again....

Standard model: Length of drum:250mm with 55mm,65mm diameter plastic pipes.
((1)=a,(2)=B in the above)

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Front view
Rear view
Front view
Rear View
Return Pulley
One hand supporting drum
Foot switch
Return pulley before launching
After launching
Box type
Return pulley during launching
Box type Hollenbeck winden