SAZD-55 airborne
Provided by Masaki Sato, Yokohama, Japan
Wing Span 3,000mm(1:5)
Wing Cord
175mm at the root of wing
Wing Profile S3021
Wing Area 38.08dm2
Wing Load 55.15-61.71g/dm2
Wing Structure Glass-Balsa-glass Sandwich
Portability Two pieces
Tail components Rudder & Elavator servos are installed in the fin.
Weight (flying)

(CG: 95-105mm from leading edge)

Radio gear
Aileron(2),Spoiler (2),Landing gear(1),Elevator(1), Rudder(1) and Tow hook (1) Totally 7-8 Channels
Fuselage Length
Actual Glider SZD-55 is one of the gliders made by Allstar PZL Glider Sp. z o.o. that manufactures and sells gliders of PDP Sz PZL-Bielsko (former SZD) - the well reputable Polish sailplane company. The Scale glider shown by the above photograph is a 1/5 scale glider made by JISPRO - the known manufacturer in Czech Republic.

The 3m Scale glider is the most appropriate to carry by car and throw by hands. SZD-55 looks like a F3B model, because its wing is 3m wide and its flying weight is about 2.1-2.3kg. However the wing area is only 2/3 of the standard F3B model. But it flies quite well on the slope.

SZD-55 is designed for slope soaring and is recommended first of all for the experienced model fliers, who knows appreciates its flying characteristics. Equipped with the tow hook, the model is good for thermal soaring, too. It can be also motorized, loosing the scale hook in this case.

The wing structure of SZD-55 is an up-to-date Glass-balsa-glass sandwich. The spar is reinforced by Carbon fiber. The tail plane is the same as the wing.
JISPRO (Czech Republic)
(Click the right icon, the plan for the full size SZD-55 comes up, designed by PZL-Bielsko.)

JISPRO(Czech Republic)
Model Polack (Germany) (Japan)
Spoler out Spoler in
Poweful flight like a large scale model. (Photo provided by Masaki Satoh, Yokohama, Japan) Spoiler(Upside only) is included in the standard kit. Spoiler is in the wing.
Brake Brake
well tapered wing
Landing gear is built-in.
Landing gear is down.
Spoiler servo hole Aileron servo hole Elevator
Spoiler servo hole. The control rod for spoiler is installed. Aileron servo hole. The glass-balsa-glass structure is adopted. Elevator is the same structure of the wing.
Elevator servo hole Rudder servo hole
Elevator servo hole
Rudder servo hole
Cockpit is simple.
Available parts in the kit.
Kit is accomodated by a good paper box with above titile.
Full size SZD-55(Allstar PZL Glider Sp. z o.o.)
Polish sailplane, which are known under their trademark SZD, had been designed, tested and manufactured by PZL-Bielsko for over 50 years. Many of them, being flown by Polish pilots, proved their supremacy in gliding (SZD-19 ZEFIR, SZD-24 FOKA, SZD-36 COBRA, all "JANTAR" family members) or became the basic schooling and training equipment (SZD-9 BOCIAN, SZD-30 PIRAT, SZD-50-3 PUCHACZ, or SZD-51-1 JUNIOR).
Some beautiful pictures are available in the Deutch site.
(Awards of Championships of full size gliders)
In 1989, a Polish pilot, T. Rudbaj, won the gold medal at the Junior European Gliding Championship flying the first prototype of SZD-55. Two years later, J. Trzeciak won the silver mdela at the XXII World Championship flying a serial production glider.
Plan for full size glider
SZD-55 on the ground

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