Discus Launch Method by Mr. Kanoh

The right pictures were taken by Mr. Ohtomo, a friend of Mr. kanoh that have us understand the discus launch form well. Thank you mr Ohtomo.


Start to walk as dragging the wing of DLG.
The flap trip is negative at the launching till it reaches to the highest point. The elevator can be neutral.


Begin to twist and turn the body pivoting on the left leg.


The body has already twisted 90 degrees. But the DLG is left behind the body and faces the front.

Begin to pull the DLG from this timing.

The boy and the DLG are located with the right angle. But the body is slanting. Thus the DLG will be raised.
The DLG begin to rotate askew.

By stretching the body and arm, the radius is becoming bigger, thus, the inertia will be increased.


The is the snap shot when the DLG and arm make the straight line (just before releasing)

The DLG is not thrown but only released.

After follow-through, his finger pointed out the target location in the air that he aimed to throw. By pointing out using finger, the body will not be twisted excessively, thus, you can see the DLG climb

Fly high
Still climbing up.

(Last Update 5/17/2003)