Wing Span 4,800mm
Wing Cord
380mm at the root of wing
Wing Profile HQ3.0
Wing Area ?dm2
Wing Load ?g/dm2
Wing Structure Wings are made of polystyrene with a glass components, a@veneer covering with a layer of foil "ORATEX ".
Portability Two pieces
Tail components Rudder moves as a whole, like a flying tail. Both sides of Elevator moves independently.
Weight (empty) 9,000g(CG=150mm from leading edge)
Radio gear
2 Ailerons, 4 air brakes. 2 Elevators, 1 Rudder, 1 brake, 1 releasing towing cable
Fuselage Length
Minimoa is one of the sailplane that I have ever wanted to fly. The Minimoa shown in the picture is of 1:3.5 scale ratio. Span is 4.8m long. The explanation of the real Minimoa is available on the site"Goppingen Go 3 Minimoa. Minimoa recall us to a dream by the people in good old days. The Minimoa shown here is SWISS version. There is also US version and Germany Version.
Let Model (Czech)/Petr Lasovsky
Under investigation
FUselage is skinny comparing with actual Minimoa The photo were taken in the early Spring when many flowers are in full bloom. The side view. Here is a fat body, as I expected.
Upper view, Wide wing it is.
Rear view. The gull wing is like a true bird. Rudder moves as a whole, like a flying wing Canopy is well manufactured. Landing tire is located at fixed position.
Pilot seat is with cushion and safety belt. It is only pilot that there is not. Instrument are carefully manufactured. Spoilers come out on the both surface, like the actual Minimoa. All wiring and cabling has been completed except the device for releasing tow line.
The joiner is made of Carbon. It seems to be rather short. It is enough for Minimoa that flies very slowly.
USVersion and Germany Version

(Dated on 17, June, 2003)


Actual Minimoa
Minimoa Drawings
Minomoa CG
Center of Gravity
From High Place (Taken by Lasovsky on Nov. 22, 2003)
Actual Minimoa
Actual Minimoa
Minimoa Drawing
The symbol of Minimoa, that is, transparent wing
Minomoa that perched on her home

(Updated on Nov. 24, 2003)