Elita F3F/F3B

(Photo taken by Espen Torp, quoted from the site of Hilsen Jo Grini by courtesy of Espen Torp)

Elita, Jaro Muller New model has the pure carbon wing like Estrella. The cross section is completely different from Estrella.

Wing Length
Wing Profile
Wing Area
Wing Load
Pure carbon
2 pieces
Tail plane
Profile sym, 8.5%
Area 5.7dm2
Tail type V-Tail, full flying tail
Total Weight 2,250g(Ballast:800g)
Radio gear
6 Servos, 7 Channels
Fuselage Length
I have sent some questions to Mr. Jaro Muller, the designer and maker of Elita. (He is not need to be introduced here.) He gave me the pictures and plan of her. Its wing is 2.85m wide, which seems to be the model for F3F. But the change of F3B rule might be a follow wind for her. Anyway how fascinating model she is. I am going to add her information as soon as I received. All information I can provide now are here.
Jaro Muller/ Jaro Muller company(Slovakia) Plan
Euromodel (Germany) 1135 EUR + Ballast(45EUR) + option Mail
The pilot is Espen Torp
(Photo taken by Hilsen Jo Grini)
The fuselage shape is unique. The central portion is a ballast room.
(Photo taken by Hilsen Jo Grini)
The two pieces wing.
(Photo taken by Hilsen Jo Grini)
Look at Elita.
(Photo taken by Hilsen Jo Grini)
Above four photo and text are quoted from the site of Hilsen Jo Grini , by courtesy of him. The pictures shown below are quoted from Lomcovak, by courtesy of Roman Vojtek
What is it?
Skeleton is Carbon. Elita became the Vertebrate animal evolved from Crustacean, because she has skeleton in her fuselage.
Ballast room locates under the airfoil. The fuselage is expanded. It may be because of securing a ballast room.
All moving V-tail. V -tail can be removed , then the portability is improved.
How to mount the radio gear.
( Photo by courtesy of Jaro Muller)
It may be backyard of the house of Mr. Muller. There remains a little snow. It maybe 2002 winter or before
(Photo by courtesy of Jaro Muller)

No alignment pin. The root of wing is well-manufactured to be joined with fuselage
(Photo by courtesy of Jaro Muller)

Nose looks like a super sonic fighter.
( Photo by courtesy of Jaro Muller)

Joe Wurts
Portable V-tail. Mr. Jaro Muller and Elita. Whole view of the new fuselage. Very impressive.( Photo by courtesy of Jaro Muller)
Mr. Jaro Muller and Elita. Upper view of airfoil (Photo given by Jaro Muller)

Joe Wurts said that "Dynamic soaring 250km/h at light wind without ballast. I am enthusiastic! I have never had such a stronger wing before. And Elita is fantastic at thermal duration too! Elita ; INCREDIBLE; I love Elita."

Q&A concerning ELITA, e.t.c. (E-mail dated on 20 May, 2003)
Q-1) I heard that the new constraint of winch power causes less launch power. Smaller ship like Elita may gain advantage over conventional size model or bigger ship may gain the advantage? 1.) I think that less power of winch, will be better for small ship and gain the advantage.
Q-2) How much displacement will be required for full moving V-tail? In case of V-tail, ruddervater moves only a couple of millimeter. But the elevator of the cross tail requires more displacement. How much will it be in case of Elita? 2.) Case of Elita, V- tail displacement only of few millimeter.
Q-3) How much ballast can be loaded? In Japan, the viscosity of air is greater than the air in Europe. In order to get higher speed, the ballast more than 1kg is loaded in usual. 3.) Ballast of model Elita:

Aluminum = 390 gr, Brass = 1170 gr
Q-4) I saw the LOLO record that reached more than 300m high in Europe. It is unbelievable in Japan. Since the winch is not different from yours, only air may be different, though the skill also different. Why such a high recorded can be achieved in Europe? What do you think about the principal reason? 4.) I canīt give answer to you, because I donīt now nothing about different air in Japan.
Q-5) How do you make pure carbon wing? I saw the flying wing with honey comb carbon cross section in JoJo's Home page. Is it the same technology? I heard that the Estrella used flexible tube technology for making its hard wing. Are you using a similar technology? 5.) Carbon construction of Elita is made with helpful wave-shaped carbon, which are sticked to upper and to lower carbon cover of wings. This is our original technology.
Please don't have bad impression such that Japanese always makes question, question, question. I am simply asking above questions that most flies have, as a Japanese flier who is very much interested in your innovative Elita. 6.) Because is going on of a new philosophy design, also of a new technology, peoples have interesting about this.


(7 July, 2003)