Eclipse V (Czech Republic)

(from NSP Homepage)
Wing Length 3,300mm
Cord Lenghth
Wing type SD3037mod
Wing Area 665dm2
Wing Load 3.5kg/m2
Structure Glass-Balsa-glass/Kevler
Portability 3 pieces
Tail plane
Tail type V-Tail,2 point screw
Section 9%NASA
Total Weight 2200-2300g
Radio gear
6 Servos, 7 Channels over
Fuselage Length
Eclipse is a high quality sailplane for F3J. F3B flyer will feel that It flies quite slow, But it is a special feature that F3J flyer prefer. Its long wing has good response to any thermal. It enable youfind out thermals easily.
Eclipse Czech./Pazderka &Fusek
Price/Shop Price: 540USD (excluding Shipment and Tax) mail to