Story You must have such a experience that you did not have stock of parts, when you want it. You might wander to find them and buy unnecessary parts as well as the targeted parts. I introduce necessary parts dedicated to the sailplane.
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Made in Germany. Stainless, enough precision because of made in Germany


Inner diamiter at the left side of Clevis is 2mm, Stainless.

Manufacturer: FAMOTECH in Germany.

Ball Link

The height is 5mm from the bottom of skirt to the center of the ball.

Manufacturer: FAMOTECH in Germany.

Thread Coupler

Parts# Outer Screw Inner Screw Material
CPLS01 2mm 0.8mm Stainless
CPLS02 2mm 1.2mm Stainless
CPLS03 2mm 1.6mm Stainless
CPLB01 2mm 0.8mm brass
CPLB02 2mm 1.8mm brass
CPLA03 2mm 3.0mm Alminum

-@CPLA03 is made of aluminum, that is used when linkage rod is carbon rod.

-@CPLS01ACPLSB01 are used when linkage rod is thin piano chord.

Manufacturer(Stainless parts): FAMOTECH in Germany.
Manufacturer(Brass parts): MP-JET in Czech Republic.


(Horn for Aileron and Flap)

Parts# Outerscrew Stick height material
CCB01 2mm 4mm Stainless
CCB02 2mm 2mm Stainless

Manufacturer(Brass parts): MP-JET in Czech Republic.

JR Connector lead


28cm long.

Manufacturer: FAMOTECH in Germany.

Counter Bearing

Mr. Pencer Lisenby made servo shaft support for his model Kinetic100 DP as shown by the picture just below, when he made the best record of Dynamic Soaring, 416mph in the 50mp/h at the MARS site in east L.A.,too. The product introduced this time is made by Servorhmen in Germany, who provide servo lock.


Manufacturer: FAMOTECH in Germany.


Counter-Bearing products can be applied to JR DS362. However There is a little space under the bearing.

It is designed for S3150. However, when servolock is used, the same a problem as above.

Antenna Wrapper

It protects the antenna for 2.4GHz receiver, made of Nylon.
Wiring for F3B

This wiring parts are suit for 2 pices wing such as F3B fighter or F3F.