Glider Bag

Glider bag. Convenient for climbing a mountain with many stuffs.

Glider bag

Type K


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Ventus 2c with 3.6m wide is easily carried. Two kinds of belts for fasten fuselages. One type is for F3X fuselage. The other type is for Scale up to 4m wide. The big scale can

Two fuselages at one time can be carried in case of F3X fuselage. Tail planes and Joiners can be put in the pocket upper left in the picture.

The model will be protected by comparatively thick rubber. Two sets of the F3X wings can be accomodated at one time. The bug itself require 50cm cubic space to store even if it is folded to three layers.

Two type method of carrying are available. One is like back pack. The other is like business bag. There is no belt for carring back on the shoulder.

Glider bag
Type C

Size: 130x25x10cm
Price: ask

Above picture is demonstrating how to carry two Evolution-V and X at one time. The main wing will be put from above inlet. The side is not open by the zipper.

The belt for carry bag beside you can be attached to left and right of bag.

This bag is smaller than type K, However the pocket for the head of fuselage is open to be wider. The rubber for absorbing shock is placed on the back of bag. But kilting cloth is tough enough for protecting wings. Because of it, the bag itself require small space for storing when it is not used. The number of separaters inside are two. Type K has only one thick separater. Please select for your convenience.