JETI small battery charger
JETI Charger was specially designed for small battery packs charging(slow flyer and park flyer battery packs). It is possible to charge 4-7 NiCd or NiMH cells. This Charger is not special but small and light and accept the 10 cells 2000-3000mAh battery of power source as well as 12 V car battery. It is convenient for the slope flyers to charge battery pack at the top of the mountain.
The photo right below shows the sand protector and the cable for 12V battery, which is valuable in flying at riverside.
JETI Charger
Price/Reseller Price: 40USD (including tax, but postal fee excluded.)
The cable with banana chips and Footage cable connector are included.
Mail to Yokoyama
Product Specification
Power source -12V car accumulator
-regulated 12-13.8V DC Power supply minimum 5 Amps

Output current

0.3A, 0.6A, 1.5A each current may be selected by Jumper switch beside the charger.

Auto shutoff

NiCd: delta-peak, NiMH: dU/dt0

Protection mechanism -Wrong polarity car battery protection
-Wrong polarity slow flyer accus protection
-Short accuit between accu+ and accu-
-Temperature overloaded protection

1. NiCd cells ;

(1) Find the capacity of your slow accus
(2) Set the jumper to the right position
(3) If you want to charge 4-5 cells, please use only position 50-110mAh or 150-300mAh
(4) Connect "slow flyer accu"to the charger. Please, attention for the right polarity.
(5) Connect the charger to the car battery. Please , attention right polarity. (Red color+, black color-)
(6) LED lights--Charging in progress
(7) LED flashes-Charging is over-charger turns to trickle mode
(8) Disconnect car battery
(9) Disconnect slow flyers accu

NOTE: If you want to charge fully discharged accus (its voltage is below 5 Volts) the trickle mode is activated (LED flashes) and the charger automatically turns to the full charging the voltage is over 5 V (LED light)

2.NiMH cells
The minimum capacity of NiMH accu is 300mAh. Set the jumper to the right position by the following

Number of cells
NiCd(Jumper position)
Actual current for NiMH
Remarks/ATTN The wire from charger to your accus have to be maximum 50cm long. Use only good quality connectors and connect the wire to the connectors by soldering. Never leave working charger working charger on the sun.
Charging time Typical charging time for NiMH accus is 1 hour.